Amigo Energies provide concept-to-complete solutions for energy requirements using solar photovoltaic (SPV) Technology. Today's resource for a brighter tommorrow.


Abundant sunshine makes Solar Photovoltaic Energy (SPV) Production highly feasible for the region.

Commercial Solar

With Amigoenergies you'll have a seamless solar experience resulting from our over 4 years of innovation and leadership in the industry.


You'll get the smartest solar energy solution, customized to your specific needs & in a diverse range of industries

Gain energy independence

By partnering with Amigoenergies, you'll get the smartest solar energy solution, customized to your specific needs. With over 4 years of experience across a diverse range of industries, we’re able to answer questions and help simplify the process of going solar—for businesses, schools and public organizations alike.

Our Expertise


Expertise in providing both On grid and Off grid standard as well as customised solutions.Installation in Allahabad, Patna and Ranchi airport saving 9.5 million INR per year


Started operations with our first project to provide Solar based drinking water in Rural Telangana – 20000 house holds were provided with drinking water.


2 MW power plant in Tumkur, Banglore to supply electricity through Power Purchasing Agreement made with DISCOM


On GoingProjects


120 solar based community drinking water installations to provide drinking water for 20000 house holds

Chattisgarh and Orissa

260 installations to provide irrigation potential of 16.2 Hectares


20+ installations in Residential sector saving 1.4 million INR per year